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chicken head with a skunk and a guy in the toilet-sierra

dont ask

ok once there was this guy and he was eating the printer and then the phone rang and then then then then he ate the phone because he didnt want to answer it and and and he was ringing and and hey a baby book! hey wake up! look they're having orgy! did u no that the the sun is bright? die...woah mafia...aaahhh....its to the ds and the rosebush...

omg this feels really good on ur face..


no it does, feel it!

i like that thingy w/ the sharp and u cut the paper and i think i had 2 much dr pepper...o no it fell on the that was good...

it was good it really was...
diet pepper

branches on feet and their dead because they cant breath in ur shoes

i like crayons its yellow, o no it isnt....

mmm this feels good on ur face..

itchy on face

itchy machine... care face w/ the fluid and the green

its crazzyy

someone has really wierd hair...

cuz thats wierd


ok i im not

im like WOAH!!!

omg u have alot of bags...

u dont like wankstas

dont write about the wankstas

i mean yeah u can

just dont no...


omg that guy is picking he nose!

aye aye aye aye

-sierra's crazzzzzy story
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