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i think you just about smoked yourself retarded

haha half baked

math: got a 75
english: test and got a 100 on book report!!!!
french:a sub for the next 3 weeks!!! aaaaah nooooo
lunch:mmmmmm :/
science: borinng
band: im actually starting 2 want 2 make a reality show out of the drum and james are always fighting and yelling @ isaiah....while hes being...well....isaiah
ss:need 2 do the ws that i never did haha....gettin a 90.7
art: i love u si!!!!
tech ed: got another one of those flirtatious looks from mr. hommel......eww......i just want 2 hit him on the head w/ a baseball bat made out of steel and spikes...

came home...

had drum lessons

did hw

worked on english project

now im here!

comment bitch

"you've got red on you"
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