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tody sucked

i was so disrespected

math: 2 people rolled their eyes at me and i HATE that....not gonna say who....but u no who u are and yes i did see that
english: omfs mrs rattner was being such an ASSHOLE...if u want the story IM me. my respect level for her has gone wayyy down
french: not horrible, not great...was boring w/o edy!!! :D
lunch:sophie and i thought there was pot on the floor!! haha and we played bubblegum, duck duck goose, the lunch game thing
science:MR CROWNE LIKES ROCKY HORROR!!!! GOOOO MR CROWNE!!! whooo hes so fuckin cool!
ss:my drawing was beautiful ;)
art:i got butchered by mrs burke....i was soooooo fucking mad.....IM me for the story if u want it...i missed sierra :(
gym:I HATE KICKBALL haha alexis ;)

came home...hung around

talked 2 my mom about my day and how pissed i was/am

later im gonna eat dinner and go bowling w/ sierra which will make me happy....

thank satan!

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