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if your 555, im 666

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Friday, April 15th, 2005
5:47 pm - urrrggg
tody sucked

i was so disrespected

math: 2 people rolled their eyes at me and i HATE that....not gonna say who....but u no who u are and yes i did see that
english: omfs mrs rattner was being such an ASSHOLE...if u want the story IM me. my respect level for her has gone wayyy down
french: not horrible, not great...was boring w/o edy!!! :D
lunch:sophie and i thought there was pot on the floor!! haha and we played bubblegum, duck duck goose, the lunch game thing
science:MR CROWNE LIKES ROCKY HORROR!!!! GOOOO MR CROWNE!!! whooo hes so fuckin cool!
ss:my drawing was beautiful ;)
art:i got butchered by mrs burke....i was soooooo fucking mad.....IM me for the story if u want it...i missed sierra :(
gym:I HATE KICKBALL haha alexis ;)

came home...hung around

talked 2 my mom about my day and how pissed i was/am

later im gonna eat dinner and go bowling w/ sierra which will make me happy....

thank satan!


current mood: enraged

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
8:25 pm - haha
havent updated a real entry forever...

math:i hate drawing graphs...
english:sophie...need 2 tlk 2 u about the doors thing
french:paper fight!
lunch:you owe me for that token haha edy! and spinning...that was mad fun
science:I LOVE RUBBING ALCOHOL...the way it stings ur nose when u sniff it, the way it gives me major headaches, the way it makes me laugh really hard for no reason...its my drug
ss:jeff is so fucking annoying
art:oms...garth is SO FUCKING HOTT AAAAAAAH haha si! ;)
gym:haha im a violent tennis player

uhhh thats it i think...

o yes and sierra....I LOVE U MORE THAN ARIEL! HAHA I WINNNN AGAINST THE SEA PRINCESS!!!!!!!! mwahahhaa


current mood: i feel like dancin! yeah!

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Friday, April 8th, 2005
11:17 pm - are you talkin 2 me?
best movie criminals ever!:

the witch-snow white
hannibal lecter-silence of the lambs/red dragon
travis bickle-taxi driver
michael corleone-the godfather
sonny corleone-the godfather
Norman Bates-phsyco
leatherface-texas chainsaw massacre
tony montana-scarface
big boy caprice
jimmy conway
francis dolarhyde
sonny wortzik
roamn castevet
doyle lonnegan
freddy krueger
jason voorhees

thats alll i can think of for now...

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
7:00 pm - Cause im graverobbing USA
Well I come from the planet beyond the stars
Looking for some human body parts
I�m gonna pull your body from your grave
Cause I�m graverobbing U.S.A.

And I�m riding around in my black starship
Looking for some crypts to kick
I�m gonna pull your body from your grave
Cause I�m graverobbing U.S.A.
And I�m graverobbing U.S.A.
And I�m graverobbing U.S.A.
And I�m digging up the dead today
Cause I�m graverobbing U.S.A.
Necrophilliac creatures of evil
Invade the planet Earth
On a macabre cosmic mission
To dig up the dead

Back in the summer of 76
I would dig up bodies to play with
And my favorite part was the brain
Cause I�m graverobbing U.S.A.

And I wish I may, I wish I might
Find me a cold dead corpse tonight
I�m gonna pull your body from your grave
Cause I�m graverobbing U.S.A.



current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
4:29 pm - "i know its the last day on earth"
Yesterday was a million years ago
In all my past lives I played an asshole
Now I found you, it's almost too late
And this earth seems obliviating
We are trembling in our crutches
High and dead our skin is glass
I'm so empty here without you
I crack and split my xerox hands

I know it's the last day on earth
We'll be together while the planet dies
I know it's the last day on earth
We'll never say goodbye

The dogs slaughter each other softly
Love burns it's casualties
We are damaged provider modules
Spill the seeds at our children's feet
I'm so empty here without you
I know they want me dead

I know it's the last day on earth

current mood: calm

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Monday, March 28th, 2005
8:50 pm - everything on my iTunes
cuz im realllly bored

a place in the dirt-manson
alabama song-the doors
american idiot-green day
angel with the scabbed wings-manson
antichrist superstar-manson
are we the waiting-green day
astonishing panorama of the endtimes-manson
baba o-riley-the who
barbara ann-the who
behind blue eyes-the who
born again-manson
boulevard of broken dreams-green day
break on through-the doors
bucket t-the who
burning flag-manson
cake and sodomy-manson
can you please crawl out your window-hendrix
cobwebs and strange-the who
coma white-manson
day tripper-hendrix
disposable teens-manson
dont look away-the who
dope hat-manson
everything ends-slipknot
fundamentally loathsome-manson
get your gunn-manson
good riddance-greenday
heatwave-the who
hey joe-hendrix
holiday-green day
home coming-green day
i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me-manson(live)
i need you-the who
i want to disappear-manson
in the shadow of the valley of death-manson
irresponsible hate anthem-manson
irresponsible hate anthem-manson(live)
jesus of surburbia-green day
king kill 33-manson
lamb of god-manson
last day on earth-manson
letterbomb-green day
light my fire-the doors
long hard road out of hell-manson
man that you fear-manson
mechanical animals-manson
minute of decay-manson
misery machine-manson
mister superstar-manson
my monkey-manson
my plague-slipknot
organ grinder-manson
personal jesus-manson
pieces-sum 41
prelude(the family trip)-manson
pulse of the maggots-slipknot
rock is dead-manson
so sad about u-the who
soul kitchen-the doors
speed of pain-manson
sweet dreams-manson
tainted love-manson
the beautiful people-manson
the crystal ship-the doors
the death song-manson
the dope show-manson
the end-the doors
the fall of adam-manson
the fight song-manson
the heretic anthem-slipknot
the last day on earth-manson(live)
the love song-manson
the nameless-slipknot
the nobodies-manson
the reflecting god-manson
this is the new shit-manson
vermillion pt.2-slipknot
voodoo child-hendrix
wake me up when september ends-green day
wandering eyes-gizmatchi
whatsername-green day
wont get fooled again-the who


current mood: tired

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
8:40 pm - joey jordison w/o his mask on...
turns me off......:(

math:uhhhhh o yeah....it was really confusing and i have no clue what im doing
french:uhhh uhhh uhhh i forget
lunch:lets go through gangster nation!
me:**shiver** uhhh hye
dominic:whats ur name
me:uhhh ET
dominic:u have nice eyes
me:uhhh thanks?.....then i ran away...

them gangsters scare the fuck out of me...
art:gloomy and just......ugh

came home...
went on computer...

got my bed taken away...

my room looks HUGE now...

its wierd....


my fish is now officialy dead...haha...


current mood: tired

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Friday, March 18th, 2005
10:55 pm - haha

band: haha james got high off a sharpie...when the end of the song came he got a little excited, smashed his drumstick, it broke in ahlf while the top part went flying in2 the ceiling....i have no idea where it went...hhaah
art:my wonderful story about mrs. burke haha sierra and jon
tech ed: one more day w/ that hatian woman and im gonna fucking kill somebody

came home...

"there are no flat black guys in australia"-nicky....mmmhmmmm hahahahhaha

watched tv...

went 2 tower and saw a havocHate "concert"...

o yeah huuuuge audience haha si...

dad-whos carlos?
me-my boyfriend
me-i have three!!!!!


and yes...."freddy" did look like avril lavigne hahaha....

its claudio!!


"aaah there the fuck are the fucking blank discs?!"

~i had a little monkey i brought it to the country and fed it gingerbread, along came a choo-choo knocked my monkey coo-coo and now my monkeys dead...atleast he looks that way~

current mood: exhausted

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
9:01 pm - i think you just about smoked yourself retarded
haha half baked

math: got a 75
english: test and got a 100 on book report!!!!
french:a sub for the next 3 weeks!!! aaaaah nooooo
lunch:mmmmmm :/
science: borinng
band: im actually starting 2 want 2 make a reality show out of the drum section.....me and james are always fighting and yelling @ isaiah....while hes being...well....isaiah
ss:need 2 do the ws that i never did haha....gettin a 90.7
art: i love u si!!!!
tech ed: got another one of those flirtatious looks from mr. hommel......eww......i just want 2 hit him on the head w/ a baseball bat made out of steel and spikes...

came home...

had drum lessons

did hw

worked on english project

now im here!

comment bitch

"you've got red on you"

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
3:13 pm - hye
hye guys

im sorry if u were offended by the last entry

i didnt meant it against anyone personally

and i was in a really bad mood so everything seemed a whole lot worse than it really was

i noticed people acting a little different around me today

im dont hate any of my friends

i love u all and u no that i just get a little pissed sometimes

well hopefully ur not 2 offended by it

sorry if i hurt anyone
hopefully we can all just forget that that entry ever existed



current mood: sorry!!!!!

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
6:23 pm - 2day!
2day i drova a car

after that

i hung out w/ sierra and steve


the 10th grader

and i dont really give a fuck what u think about it or what u think is "bad or good for me"

cuz ur an asshole...

and u no it


ok i had colorful string shit on my head...
old lady:is that ur real hair?
me:uhhhhhh yeah
old lady:its very pretty
me:uhhhh thank you
old lady:did your mother let u get it?
me:uhhhhh yeah

hahahahahhaha omfs that was funnyy

she was fucking serious...

i got steve 2 let me put eyeliner on him.....

it was sexay haha

yeah so...

after he left...
me and si got pizza and nicky came along...


then we all left....

then i came home..

then i did hw

now im here...


current mood: the weekend is over!

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Friday, March 11th, 2005
11:33 pm - yyyyyyyeah boyy.....flava flav!
2day was wierd

math:68 on quiz
french:ugh dman i dont wanna tlk about my fucking day...

hung out w/ SI 2NTE!

im gonna get jumped by.......preps, emo kids, nigga's dicks, mexicans, o yeah and wankstas...o yeah and si's gonna jump me 2...

funny night....

I LOVE U SI!!!!!


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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
5:53 pm - please to meet you
wont u guess my name?

math:more quiz
french: what happend 2 fluffy?! haha
lunch:i got whipped in the eye.....thanks parker! haha
science:we're so smart! haha julie
band:i hit james on the head w/ a crash cymbal...it was on purpose but he claims it REALLY hurt.....sorry budday!
ss:oms i fucking HATE those stupid ass movies!
art:wasnt a really hyper class!!!!! wtf happend?
tech ed: apparently since im the only one in my class that knows WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!! im on high school level for tech ed?? hmmmm wierd

came home....watched tv...

did hw....

listend 2 music....
now im here!!!!!

gonna watch Shaun of the dead again 2night i tihnk!!!!!!!



mom made banana cream pie bitches!!!!!!


current mood: sympathetic...for the devil

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Monday, March 7th, 2005
1:27 pm - omfs
joey is an insane drummer

edy, adam, and my dad went 2 a SlipKnoT concert..

on the way there i wasnt feelin that great and as soon as we go there i ran 2 the bathroom and threw up....

haha i think the pizza guy drugged my pizza haha edy


got a cool shirt and had an amazing time!!!

everyone who was in the arena witnessed a great thing...

they played "everything ends" for the first time ever in NJ or NY!!!!!

thats my favorite song!!!!!!!

i was soooooo happy...

then joey did a huuuge drum solo on a platform that moved around and went up in the air and twisted and shit...

it was fucking insane

every1 was like HOLY FUCK!

i fell in love with him over again!!!

hes the fucking best drummer alive...

they brought out their platnum records and were like "fuck mtv" i was like YYYYYYEAH!

cuz if u didnt know....mtv banned them in the past....so fuck them!


2day im home cuz my stomach still feels wierd...
but ill b in school 2morow bitches

omfs concerts are my favorite thing to go to....

and as i said during joey's solo..."i could die happy right now"


\m/Joey Jordison\m/

current mood: happy

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
2:26 pm - chicken head with a skunk and a guy in the toilet-sierra
dont ask

ok once there was this guy and he was eating the printer and then the phone rang and then then then then he ate the phone because he didnt want to answer it and and and he was ringing and and hey a baby book! hey wake up! look they're having orgy! did u no that the the sun is bright? die...woah mafia...aaahhh....its to the ds and the rosebush...

omg this feels really good on ur face..


no it does, feel it!

i like that thingy w/ the sharp and u cut the paper and i think i had 2 much dr pepper...o no it fell on the floor....ooo that was good...

it was good it really was...
diet pepper

branches on feet and their dead because they cant breath in ur shoes

i like crayons its yellow, o no it isnt....

mmm this feels good on ur face..

itchy on face

itchy machine...

lotion...day care face w/ the fluid and the green

its crazzyy

someone has really wierd hair...

cuz thats wierd


ok i finished...no im not

im like WOAH!!!

omg u have alot of bags...

u dont like wankstas

dont write about the wankstas

i mean yeah u can

just dont no...


omg that guy is picking he nose!

aye aye aye aye

-sierra's crazzzzzy story

current mood: amused

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
5:18 pm - i am the vhs...
record me with your fist

math:dont remember....short term memory fuck returns!!
english:i fucking hate that sub
french:booooring...i HATE worksheets
lunch:dont remember....short term memory fuck returns...AGAIN!
science: omfs isaiah is such a fucking drama queen...
band:onfs isaiah is such a fucking drama queen
ss:we lost!!!! losers KICK ASS!
art:I LOVE PIE!!! haha si
tech ed:i fucking HATE tech ed...even though im doing uperse ellwe

came home w/ edy, jack and dillon...

came home
ate cake....mmmmm
walked 2 edy's appartment 2 give her tights....haha...ontde skae

mmmmm igpe atinle.....


ancede ONIGHTTE!!!


current mood: ouncybe

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
6:14 pm - if ur 555 then im 666...whats it like to be a heretic?

english:that teacher is so fucking annoying
french: edy's bubble...lol edy, mary, jon bre, and rob i
lunch:mmmm was a little pissy....sowwy!
science: ugh i hate science
band: ugh i hate isaiah
ss:ugh i hate school movies
art:u have a secrett admirer! haha SIERRA STFU! haha
tech ed: ugh i hate tech ed

on bus home:
James g:what would you do if you were in the ocean and a fishy smiled @ u?
me:i think it was a fucked up individual


came home, watched Taxi Driver(best movie ever), did hw, listened 2 music...now im here


current mood: confused

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
12:43 pm - YAAAAAY


and its 5 more days until.....\m/SlipKnoT\m/



i still have drums and tap today...


eh, its all good in da hood...


current mood: hmmmm....

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
1:39 pm - hye
hye bitches....

my new LJ....

yeah so add me...its ET by the way...

current mood: accomplished

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