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i am the vhs...

record me with your fist

math:dont remember....short term memory fuck returns!!
english:i fucking hate that sub
french:booooring...i HATE worksheets
lunch:dont remember....short term memory fuck returns...AGAIN!
science: omfs isaiah is such a fucking drama queen...
band:onfs isaiah is such a fucking drama queen
ss:we lost!!!! losers KICK ASS!
art:I LOVE PIE!!! haha si
tech ed:i fucking HATE tech ed...even though im doing uperse ellwe

came home w/ edy, jack and dillon...

came home
ate cake....mmmmm
walked 2 edy's appartment 2 give her tights....haha...ontde skae

mmmmm igpe atinle.....


ancede ONIGHTTE!!!

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