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havent updated a real entry forever...

math:i hate drawing graphs...
english:sophie...need 2 tlk 2 u about the doors thing
french:paper fight!
lunch:you owe me for that token haha edy! and spinning...that was mad fun
science:I LOVE RUBBING ALCOHOL...the way it stings ur nose when u sniff it, the way it gives me major headaches, the way it makes me laugh really hard for no reason...its my drug
ss:jeff is so fucking annoying
art:oms...garth is SO FUCKING HOTT AAAAAAAH haha si! ;)
gym:haha im a violent tennis player

uhhh thats it i think...

o yes and sierra....I LOVE U MORE THAN ARIEL! HAHA I WINNNN AGAINST THE SEA PRINCESS!!!!!!!! mwahahhaa

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